Tuesday, January 13, 2015

James' Latest Book

I'm giddy with excitement about James' new book. He worked so hard on this story and it represents 2 weeks worth of writing work. He wrote it, drew the pictures, took the photographs, and put the book together.
We did something a little different with this book and it worked great. I had him write all he was interested in and then dictate the rest to me. So for each superhero he wrote 2-3 sentences and then told me what to write for the rest of it. This gave him a great story and helped him say all that he wanted to without causing him to resent the writing. I learned this from a Charlotte Mason blogger. I love it!

Me and the writing process have a love hate relationship. I hate to do it each day, but I love the results. My boys are turning in to some fine writers. 

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