Friday, January 30, 2015

Learning the 50 States and Capitals

We've spent some time that last couple of months learning the 50 states and their capitals. This was not an easy task, but both boys now know them and feel quite victorious.
We have this large chart in our school room and I found the states and capitals as flashcards at Dollar Tree and it's been helpful especially for the capitals.
The boys first learned the 50 states song in order to help them at least pronounce the states correctly and sing them in ABC order. Here's one of  the songs we used. Here's the other one.
After they learned the states, and could point them out accurately on the map, they began learning the capitals. Then we used the chart to match the capital with the state. Here's the song we used to learn capitals.
This was at least a month of effort, but sometimes there are just things people need to know and this seemed like a quality thing to have them memorize. They are so capable of memorizing things so I like to always have something going on like this. 

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