Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine Tubs

 The great thing about Valentine's Day is that the holiday season doesn't last very long. I don't know about you, but I get so tired of doing Christmas crafts and activities after a whole month. With Valentine's Day I can get all excited and be creative for a couple of weeks and then I'm done!

Adam was excited for me to bring out his new tubs this morning. He knows when I have my basket of goodies that he's going to get some new games to play. I had bought this four pack of Valentine cups a couple of years ago to use with James and so I brought them out for Adam to do stacking games with. The first game we did looked like this:
 I put him outside the playroom and built a tower and then he ran in/crawled in and knocked it down. This led to him wanting to build the tower and me running in and knocking it down. It was so much fun!
Then I showed him how all the cups fit inside each other and he did this FOREVER!!! He loved figuring out how to get them lined up and stacked up. I love his open mouthed thinking face :)
Once he finally got them all stacked he was so happy with himself that he clapped! Ha!
 Next I laid out four paper hearts and told him to put one cup on each heart. This was great for one to one correspondence practice and counting out loud.
 Again with the clapping! Too cute!
 I had these little heart containers left over from the year James was learning to count and so I brought them out for Adam. I just had him put one little heart eraser in each container and then he put the lid on it. He liked this a lot, too.

 The lids are numbered from when this was James' game. He had to put that many erasers inside and then shut the lid, but Adam isn't ready for that. One eraser was plenty and we still got to practice counting to 3 .
These are a set of heart cookie cutters that fit together like a puzzle. I showed these to Adam and basically let him explore them today. I showed him that they fit together, but we didn't necessarily work on that.

 I got these flashcards off a local garage sale site and they are great. Each one has a texture to touch and mommy hints on the back of things to talk about. Adam carries these around the house, especially the rabbit card, and loves bringing them to me 14,000 times a day. They are cheap on Amazon if you need some.

 I've tried this a couple of times this week and it seems like he really gets it. I give him these two bowls and then I have a pile of pom poms. I show him the orange pom pom and ask him to put it in the orange bowl. If he puts it in the wrong bowl I say, "No that doesn't match" and then I take it out and tell him to "try again". He's gotten really good at it and I think in a few days I'll switch up the colors and see how he does.
Dollar Tree is FULL of Valentine things right now. Go grab you a few festive manipulatives and you'll be amazed at what your baby can do. If they can't do it, don't worry, they will in a month or two. Enjoy!

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