Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Blog Feature: Busy Bags

For the past month and a half I have been busy creating "Busy Bags" with my friend, Wendy. We have cut, laminated, traveled a million miles around town, printed, stressed, and rejoiced in order to prepare these fun bags for you.

My kids now have a large collection of these busy bags and are enjoying them on a daily basis. I've been offering them for sale on facebook for a while, but wanted to make them available on my blog as well.

Busy Bags are the perfect solution to those dull moments in your day when you wish you had a meaningful task for your child to do. Whether it be during your homeschool day, during a learning center in the classroom, at the doctor's office, sitting in the pew at church, waiting on food at restaurants, etc. Busy bags can fill the gap of time and create a fun activity that has purpose.

There are bags for 2 year olds and beyond. Each busy bag comes in a durable canvas pencil bag, has a laminated instruction sheet, and contains all the materials needed to complete the task. They are hands on learning at its finest. Just under my blog header picture is a little tab called "Busy Bags" and each month I will update what bags I have available. If you would like to order you simply comment on the blog or shoot me an email at Or look through the pictures and get some ideas of things you could make at home.

Check them out! They will not disappoint. Click the Busy Bag page link above. Or follow this link:

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