Saturday, August 1, 2015

Adam's Learning

This is my littlest man, Adam. He turns 2 this week and is a busy little learner. I'm always amazed by how many activities a toddler can go through in a day. I have to be prepared and ready if I'm going to make it through a day with him and get good school done with the big boys. He has one shelf just for him in our school area and my goals here lately with him and his learning are to help him love learning, talk to him as much as possible about what he is seeing and doing, and teach him to clean up after himself. (More about that later)
Here is a look at the activities he did this past week.
Putting ice cubes (glass rocks) in the ice tray. During this we talk about making sure only one goes in each square and counting to 16.
He loves to fill up his tray with "ice" and then use the squirt bottle to fill it all up with water. This is usually what he does while I wash dishes, clean the kitchen, cook, etc.
 Our flip flop faces are now our stepping stones. This is great for balance, bravery, and gross motor.
 Went to a garage sale the other day and they had several bags of these foam balls for $.25 a bag. I bought all they had and knew he would love sticking his golf tees into them.  
 Color sorting is always fun. He has several good color sorting games right now and is slowly but surely catching on to what it means to sort by color. At first, it was totally random where he would put the colors, but after talking and talking and talking about colors every where we go he is starting to figure it out.
 Here's a picture of him cleaning up after himself. Our rule is you can do an activity for as long or as short as you want, but you have to clean up before you get another one out. This helps our games not get mixed up and teaches him the valuable lesson of cleaning up after himself.
 Lacing Beads. He can't get the string into the beads yet, so that's my job, but then he pulls it through. We count, talk about colors, and stack the beads while we work.  
 Another color sorting game. He puts the bear in the correct color bowl.
 Connecting blocks. These are one of the things we also take to church with us. Perfect for pushing and snapping things together. I keep these on hand for him to do in his high chair as well. Simple, yet fun. I praise him for everything he builds and make up objects that I think he created.
 Color sorting
 Transferring large jacks with tongs.
 Letter matching. He still loves letters and knows almost all of them. I'm not sure what that means for him and his future hobbies, but he loves letters as much as his older brother loved numbers.
 Color sorting
 Linking chains. These are tough for a young 2 year old to snap together. These give his little hands a great workout. It's so rewarding for him when he is able to make a chain and so therefore he sticks with it.
 His all time favorite that we do 400 times a day: putting toothpicks into the cheese shaker.
 Stacking blocks and knocking them down. Popular since the beginning of time, I'm sure.
 Here are his favorite books at the moment. The number book is the greatest number book that we have because the pictures are very clear and easy to count.
 His farm animal puzzle.
 His shape puzzle. He is not very good at puzzles and so I keep these out on his shelf all the time so that he chooses them again and again. Rotating the pieces is hard for him.
 Here he is reading his counting book and sometimes while he reads we match magnetic numbers to the pages.
 His other puzzles for this week.
  You can see in this picture how his shelf looks. He takes something off his shelf, squats down and plays with it, then picks it up and puts it back (with lots of help). You can't see it in this picture but on the top of his shelf are two empty shallow baskets. He pulls one down and dumps his activity into it. Most of his activities are stored in pencil bags so the tray helps him have a designated spot to keep the contents.
It is very important to me that this child love to learn. We make learning fun as often as we can. He is busy, busy, busy and having these activities on hand helps me have meaningful things for him to do. Since he's the third child it can be very easy for him to just wander around the house searching for things to do and whining that no one is playing with him. Our homeschool day is WAY more productive when I plan meaningful things for him.