Monday, December 14, 2015

December Tubs for Adam

Adam is my busy boy, the busiest boy I've ever had. Therefore, I have to keep his tubs fresh and fun or else he quickly looses interest. This proves to be a challenge for me because I have four kids and lesson planning for my older two take top priority. However, as often as I can I rotate toys and make new tubs for Adam and when I do it makes for a wonderful learning experience for him.
Adam loves to DO. He likes to move around, play games that involve action, and have lots of activities on hand. He generally does one thing for a maximum of 4 minutes so if I'm going to sit and play with him for 20 minutes we need at least 4-5 games. I love this about him because I never get bored either.
Here are the tubs he has out for this Monday morning:
What Shall I Eat?
This tub has three little tong animals that all like a certain food. Their food is buried in the yard "tub of grass" and he has to pick out their favorite food. The squirrel has almonds, the frog has plastic flies, and the rabbit has orange pipe cleaners (carrots). This is such a great workout for his hands and is really fun for his animal loving self. He loves to make the rabbit grab a bug and then spit it out. Laughter helps this tub last a lot longer than 4 minutes.
 Snowball FLIGHT
Here is his action tub. His job is to squirt air onto the snowball and push it across the room. It is a workout! His little hands can't squeeze for very long, but the challenge of getting the snowball to a certain destination helps him persevere. He loves the reward of clapping and cheering once he gets it to the right place and it spurs him on to do it again and again.
 Build a Snowman
He did not like this tub. It was boring to him and he didn't quite get the point. But he did it with me because he's obedient and sweet. I think this will be more fun for him next year. He doesn't quite understand what a snowman is and therefore didn't really know where to put all the body parts. I'll pass this on to the 6 year old for now.
 Transferring Ice Cubes
He loves tongs. LOVES. TONGS. So every week I make sure he has something with tongs to play with. This week he is putting plastic ice cubes into a deviled egg plate. This is so great for his hands, plus we count as we go. We also practice little phrases like: "my turn", "your turn", "try again", "uh oh", etc. Adam doesn't say any real words yet so practicing these phrases is good for him and his speech.
 Cleaning up gave us the perfect opportunity to count to 24. We rarely get opportunities to count above ten because his attention won't last that long, but cleaning this game up and placing one cube at a time in the bag kept his attention long enough to reach 24.
 Sorting Shapes
I love Target's Dollar Spot. I just love it. Our new city has one tiny Target and that tiny Target has one stinky Dollar Spot, but this is an old favorite from years ago. He loves this sorting toy and almost always picks it to take with him to church on Sunday for a busy bag. I had it on his shelf this morning and he grabbed it first thing.
 This was our focused activity this morning. I had sticky notes with letters on them and he had to match them to his letter chart. Of course with him we have to add the action so I would hand him a letter, say the sound and word that matches that letter and then he would run around the run, slide down the slide and run over to place it on the board. Ha! Whatever works, right? We were able to practice about 10 letters before he tired of this and moved on to something else.
Telling the Story of Jesus
My goal for December was for all of my boys to be able to tell the story of Jesus' birth (well not the baby boy). I bought Adam this magnetic nativity set at Hobby Lobby and we've been practicing retelling the story. He's now to the point where he can put the magnets on the board while I tell the story.
Spelling His Name and Saying His Verses
This little chart is up in our playroom for Adam to practice putting the letters of his name in order. He also has two Bible verses that he's learning that stay on top. He can't say them, but he can do the motions for both. Eventually we will add another verse to his collection, but these have taken him a long time to learn. His brothers now know about 100 verses each so I know he'll be adding more soon.
His Morning List
This is Adam's morning list. His brothers get paid on Sunday for all the work they've done during the week and Adam has acted interested lately so we thought it would be fun to give him his own list. He gets a sticker for each thing that he does and then will get paid $1 on Sunday. His list includes: brushing his teeth, drinking a cup of water, giving the mouse her food, and bringing down the baby's bottle each morning. Simple, but fun for him. 
Here's hoping this week is a great learning week for my busy boy. I hardly post on this blog anymore, but I know how much I learn from other moms and the things they post so I like to share every now and then what I'm doing with my little learners.


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