Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Learning Activities

Fall is a wonderful time to learn. There is so much to explore and create and tons of ideas for learning with a fall theme.  We have been observing pumpkins, leaves, apples, and all the fall creatures that are out and about right now: spiders, grasshoppers, bats, etc. It's such a beautiful time outdoors so we are trying to spend as much time as we can outside. Here are some things we've been learning with this month

We all loved visiting the apple orchard. We brought home tons of apples, a new big bottle of local honey, and some fresh apple butter jelly. Yum! 

During our outside time, the little guy (3 years old) has started riding his big bike.

.And of course swinging with his furry friend.
We've collected leaves and done leaf rubbings. That was tons of fun!

We found a tarantula at my in-laws house and brought it home to observe for a week. Adam (3) wrote  a little story in his draftbook about it and we even added a cotton ball web. 
The pumpkin patch seemed like the greatest place on earth. They raced through corn mazes, slid down huge hills in potato sacks, jumped in bounce houses, petted goats, and even cut their own pumpkins from the patch. 
Their favorite thing to do was play in the corn pit. They buried each other as best they could and probably could have stayed in there all day. This place was a sensory seekers heaven! 
After a few days of admiring our pumpkins from the patch we decided to hammer golf tees in to them. It was a great workout for these two and tons of fun! 
 Here's Adam practicing identifying his numbers. I found this template online for free at 
 This is a game I created for my busy bag business. I've numbered bats 1-10 and his job is to feed the bats the correct number of bugs. 
 I can't wait to see what other kinds of things we can study this season. We already have a big camping trip scheduled, two more trips to the pumpkin patch, and a trip to a pecan farm. This beautiful weather is just spurring us on to observe so many things around us. Hope you are enjoying your fall, too!

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