Busy Bags Available for 2016

Busy Bags are perfect for independent learning activities. You may need a fun activity to do during your school day. You may need something meaningful to pull out at the doctor's office. You may need a quiet activity to work on during church. Whatever the reason, busy bags are perfect for it. The busy bags that are posted below all come with a durable canvas pencil bag, a laminated instruction sheet, and all the materials needed to complete the task inside. I have made these activities durable so that your family can use them over and over again.

Here are my great pre-school busy bags:

Animal Match Up
This is a beginner busy bag. Its purpose is to teach game play. It walks you through step by step how to teach your toddler/preschooler to play alongside you. I have this in transportation theme and animal theme.

Pipe Cleaner Threading
Little hands love to stick things in little holes. This activity is always a fan favorite for toddlers. Their job is simple, fill each hole in the strainer with a pipe cleaner. Strainer folds up flat for easy storage. This one is great for on the go!

Handwriting in Sand
Draw a card and write the letter/letters in the sand. Additional cards are included for ordering the alphabet. Write the missing letter in the sand. Shake to erase and go again and again. This game does not come in a bag, but in a snap lid box.

Caterpillar Patterns

Eraser City:
Your job is to match each transportation themed eraser to its matching outline. Then you can cruise around town and enjoy letting all the different types of transportation do their jobs.

 Butterfly Spots:
There are 10 butterflies in this set that all need their spots. Add the pom poms to each butterfly to make it complete. Match the pom poms to the right color for an added bonus. One side of the butterfly has spots and the other side is just numbered for kids who can handle a harder counting challenge.

  Crazy Straws:
Each crazy straw has 4-5 matching color shapes that can be woven on to it. This is the perfect quiet time activity. It's great for fine motor skills, color matching, counting, and so much more!

ABC Clips:
Letter recognition is something that comes with lots and lots of repetition. This fun busy bag gives little hands a workout while practicing letters at the same time. Your choice as to whether you want the clips to be uppercase or lowercase. Cards can match the clips (both uppercase/lowercase) or cards can be opposite (cards lowercase, clips uppercase).  

Straw Weaving
This busy bag is perfect for little fingers. Your child will push the sticks into the playdoh and then weave the straw pieces on to each stick. For a harder challenge, encouraging them to place the straws on the same color stick. This is a game that can be brought out again and again.

Block Counting Practice
Follow the directions on the cards. Some cards have you put a certain color on them and all ask for a certain number. Great for one to one correspondence practice.

 Measuring Cup Color Match:
My toddlers get obsessed with color matching. We have many, many coloring matching games. This one is so fun because they can also use the cups for stacking, scooping, pouring, etc.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny
Here is the most adorable way to teach color matching. Your child will match the correct tail to the matching colored bunny. Bunnies have a little Velcro dot on their tail in order to help the pom poms stay in place.

Color Matching Tube
Match the colored beads to their correct container. This tube is fun to manipulate and gives your child many opportunities to practice their colors. Also a great fine motor bag.

Shape Sorting
This bag is great for shape sorting practice. Each card gives your child a different opportunity to sort the included shapes.

Matching and Stacking Dice
Create the patterns on the cards by using the 6 dice included in this bag.

Truck Hauling Bricks
Included in this bag is a big blue truck and 20 numbered squares. Your child will select a square and place it on the truck. Then their job is place the correct number of bricks in the back of the truck and haul it away. Fun! Fun! Fun, for counting practice, one to one correspondence, fine motor, and so much more. This is a fan favorite right here!

Counting Asteroids
These rockets are headed to the moon and have to collect a certain number of asteroids before they can return to Earth. Can you help each astronaut collect the correct number of asteroids (plastic gems/rocks)?

Straw Stack
Need a great fine motor activity? Here's your game. Your child will love stacking straws on this fun board.

Ribbon Weaving
This brightly colored weaving board is perfect for building muscles in little hands. Each row has a different colored ribbon that can be weaved through and when finished creates a beautiful rainbow of colors. Perfect for using over and over again.

Dot Numbers
Practice building numbers with these fun cards. Cover the dots on each card and then practice writing your numbers with the dry erase marker.

Symmetrical Puzzles
Each puzzle has two symmetrical pieces. Can you find the two pieces for each puzzle?

My Jar of Bugs
Roll the die and place that amount of bugs inside your jar. Once your jar is full, roll the die and take release that many bugs from your jar. Perfect practice for using math language like: add, subtract, take away, etc. Plus, great for learning all about the dots on a die.

Here are my great early education bags:
Number Sequencing Puzzles
Included in this bag are 12+ number sequencing puzzles. Each puzzle creates an adorable colorful picture. Your child will arrange the puzzle pieces in number order.

Counting Box
Inside this box are three different ways to practice your numbers. First you can put together the foam number puzzle. Then you can find each number word and clip it to its matching puzzle piece. Finally you can find each dot clip, count the dots, and clip it to its puzzle piece. This activity comes in a workbox, not a bag.

Spelling Colors
Use the clothespins to spell each color sight word. Then match each picture to it's correct color. Pictures are attached with Velcro.

Connect 4:
A classic game taken to a whole new level. Play the game with a friend, or use the pieces and the pattern cards to create a colorful design in your board. This is such a wonderful busy bag!

Ordering the Alphabet Uppercase:
Use the dry erase marker to fill in the missing letter. Stumped? Sing your ABC song to find out what comes before, after, or in the middle. . Also comes in lowercase.
Popsicle Stick Shapes:
Use the correct number and color of popsicle sticks to recreate each shape. You won't believe how big your star will get after you add all 10 sides to it!

Counting Raindrops:
Another fan favorite. Add the correct number of raindrops (glass rocks) to each numbered umbrella. Once the counting to 10 is mastered you can take two umbrellas and add them together to see how many raindrops they have in all.  

 Object Counting Cards:
Count the number of objects in the picture. Use your clip to show how many objects are there.

Days of the Week:
Learning to spell the days of the week is tough. This bag will help you get it in no time. Attach the clips to the top or bottom of each letter in each day of the week. Order the days of the week when you are done.  

Animal Letter Match (No longer foam letters, but magnetic)
Find the matching letter that begins each animal's name. A full set of foam alphabet letters are included in this bag. Such a great manipulative to always have on hand.

Monster Dice Match:
Roll the die and count the dots. Find the matching number of dots on the monster and smash some goo (playdoh) on it. Can you get all the dice covered on the monster? Roll the die and remove the goo to end the game. Now comes laminated on a clip board, not in the clear sleeve.
 Crown of Jewels
Counting to ten is a big step for beginning mathematicians. Many kids can count to ten outloud, but do they truly understand that the number 10 represents 10 objects? This is a great game for teaching how to represent numbers. The front of each crown has a number and the circles showing where to put each jewel. The back of the crown just has the number for an even harder counting challenge.

Print Handwriting Practice Books:
These are perfect little books for beginning writers to practice forming their letters over and over again. Bag comes with the full alphabet (upper and lowercase), a dry erase marker, and an eraser.

Link Patterns
Every child loves playing with the links. They are fun to build with, fun to snap together, and a great manipulative to have for math time. The pattern cards give your child ideas for simple patterns that can be created with these links; however, the game doesn't stop there. There are plenty more patterns that could be made with these links. Let your child explore and experiment with these links. You'll be amazed what they can come up with.

Shape House
At a very early age children begin to learn their shapes; however, the difficulty begins when children have to start manipulating the shapes to make other shapes. This busy bag will provide loads of fun and loads of practice for your shape loving child. Using only the 7 shapes from the puzzle your child will learn different ways to turn, flip, and stack the shapes to make all kinds of different pictures.

Domino Parking Lot
Using this adorable set of dominos, your child will count the dots and place the domino inside the correct parking space. Honk if the space is full! The first domino can scoot up to make room for another.

Bug Addition
This bag was designed for beginner addition practice.Draw a card and use the bug erasers to solve the number sentence. Your plate can help you. Look at the first number. Place that many bugs into one of the top spots on the plate. Then look at the second number. Place that many bugs in to the other top part of the plate. Now combine the two numbers into the bottom part of the plate and count the total. Congrats! You just did addition!!

Magnet Pull and Beginning Handwriting Practice
 This is my new favorite bag. It has many different designs that your child can trace with a dry erase marker or it also comes with a magnet and a washer that can be drug all around the design. Great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Spelling with Puzzle Cards  
This bag is fun for many reasons. First, it comes with puzzle cards that when matched up correctly they build words. Then your child's job is to use the letter stencil and spell the word on their little tablet. Everything pictured is included in the bag.

Cupcake Sprinkles
This game is a counting game to 12. Add the sprinkles to each cupcake.

Subtraction Smash
Included in this bag are many subtraction cards. Your child's job is to build playdoh circles the match the largest number in the equation. Then he/she can smash the number that is to be "taken away". The remaining playdoh balls tell their answer. Fun fact practice!

 Q-Tip Designs
Use the Q-Tips to create the designs on the cards.

Beginning Letter Clip
Say the name of the picture on the card. Clip your clothespin on the letter that would begin that word. Cards have pictures on the front and back.  

Sort the objects in the bag based on whether they are magnetic or not magnetic. Bag includes a big fun magnet that will be a great addition to your science supplies.

 Shape Pegs
This is one of my favorite toddler bags. This bag gives your child an opportunity to practice the four main shapes while working hard to place them on to their correct pegs. Great fine motor bag.

Community Helper Puzzles
Match the top and bottom of each community helper. Tell stories about the community helpers you see in your area. List out all the tools and supplies each helper needs to do his/her job well. Cards are laminated for durability.

Number Wheels
Clip on the correct number of clothespins for each number wheel. The activity includes numbers 1-10. Perfect for fine motor practice, counting practice, and building number sense.

Letter Match Up
Match the cardboard letters onto the letter cards. Cards come in uppercase and lowercase.

T-Shirt Count
Hang a t-shirt on your hanger and match the correct number of clothespins to it.
Here are bags that are great for ages 6 and up: 

Less, More, or Same as 16
Solve the equations and place them under the correct header. Great for addition and subtraction skills to 20.

Greater Than Less Than
This bag includes 3 Greater Than Less Than boards and 6 dice. Your child's job is to roll two dice, put them in the squares, and then turn the center strips to show either greater than or less than.

True or False Math Facts
Solve each equation on the stick and decide if its answer is true or false. Sort the sticks accordingly on the chart. This activity can be made with any operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Addition Pockets
Included in this bag are 10 envelopes and addition fact sticks. Your child's job is to solve the equation and place the stick in the envelope that matches their sum.

Tally Marks
Clip the clothespin on the matching tally mark stick
Addition and Subtraction Trucks
Included in this bag is 20 trucks and many addition and subtraction sticks. Your child's job is to solve the equation and put the stick in the truck that matches their sum. Great bag for practicing those basic math skills to 20. 

Multiplication Pockets
Solve the equation by finding the missing factor. Place the stick within the envelope of the missing factor. Great for multiplication practice and pre-algebra. 

Telling Time With Hands
Draw a time card and set the clock to match. 

Draw the Clock Hands
Choose a time card from the envelope and draw the hands on the clock to match. 

Guess the Operation
Love this bag for practicing all facts. Your child will have to decide which operation will make the equation true. They are to set the dice, which has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division symbols on it,  in the middle of the equation card and then write their true equation on a piece of paper to prove their work.

Multiplication Puzzles
These puzzles show how the array, the addition sentence, and the multiplication fact all equal the same thing. 

Books of the Bible
Order the books of the Bible

Cursive Handwriting Practice Book:
These are perfect little books for beginning cursive writers to practice forming their letters over and over again. Bag comes with the full alphabet (upper and lowercase), a dry erase marker, and an eraser.

Math Fact Jenga
We've taken the wonderful game of Jenga and added an element of education. This particular game is addition and subtraction, but I can make it for you with mult and div, or fractions, decimals, and percents, or sight words. You decide what you want your child to practice and I'll turn it in to a Jenga game. Loads of fun!

Addition and Subtraction Roll
This game doesn't come in a bag, but it does come in a wipe off clear folder. Roll the two dice and put them in the circles. On one side of the folder you add the two numbers. On the other side you subtract. This game can get easier or harder depending on what numbers you want me to put on the dice. I'll make it however you want.

Equation Sticks
Your child's job is to build number sentences that are true. One side of the popsicle stick has addition and the other side has subtraction. Your child will select three number clips that when put in the correct order build a true equation. Then they are to write their equation on the chart. The game is over when they build 5 addition and 5 subtraction equations.

Find the Vowel
Included in this bag are the sight words for kindergarten (based on Texas standards). Your child's job is to find the vowel that is missing and clip it in to place.  This can be made with any grade level sight words.

Build a Word
Roll your playdoh into a big snake and choose a word card. Build the word using the popsicle sticks in your bag. Parents are welcome to email me their own personal word lists for this bag. This particular picture is made with the Texas Kindergarten Word List.

Seashell Addition and Subtraction to 20
Use the seashells to solve the equation on each sand pail. Sums go up to 20.

String a Word
Using the Texas first grade word list, this bag was designed to help kids learn their sight words. Draw a card, and use the letter beads and pipe cleaners to string the word. Comes with the handy three-part organizer and lid, too. Plastic container is now different.

           Beginning Blends
Inside your bag are different envelopes with letters that will make endings to three words. Your job is to find their beginning blends. The sticks are labeled with the blends to begin the words. Once you’ve filled all the envelopes with three beginning blends, record your words onto a sheet of paper for spelling practice.

Beginning Sounds Cover Up
Inside your bag are picture cards. Your job is to say the name of the picture and cover up the letter/letters that it begins with. 

Dino Bonds
Each dinosaur has a number in its tummy and one addend out to the side. Your child's job is to find the missing addend and then fill in the number sentences. This is great for learning their fact families.

Number Bonds/Fact Families
Build your own fact families/number bonds with this set of cards. Then your record your addition and subtraction sentences. This game is perfectly paired with a divided plate so that your child can physically separate the big number from the little numbers.

Domino Number Bonds
Use the dominos to help fill in the number bonds. Your domino dots will fill in the two lower circles and then once you add the numbers together you can fill in the top square. This is fantastic for practicing addition and subtraction, fact families, and counting sets of numbers.

Sight Word Stick Puzzles
Building sight words is fun with this new busy bag. Your child will have to be looking closely to identify the letters in each sight word. I can either make this bag with your own personal sight words or I will use the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for your child's particular grade level.

Popcorn Sight Words 
I've compiled a list of all the three letter sight words for K-2 and your child can practice spelling them with this fun bag.

Building Numbers
This game was designed to help children truly understand place value. Their job is to build the actual number below each digit. Numbers go up into the thousands, but can be made higher upon request.

Animal Habitat Match
This activity has your child sort the animal cards based on where they would live. There are four habitats to choose from: the sea, the artic, the safari, and the forest. Large habitat cards are laminated.

Equivalent Number Sentences
Inside your bag are lots of number sentences. Your job is to find two number sentences that are equivalent, this means that their sums are the same. To check your work, build each number sentence on your ten frame cards. If you know they are equivalent place each card on the board with the equal sign.

PEARS of Homophones
Included in this busy bag are many different pairs of homophones. Your job is to find the matching homophones and complete each pear puzzle.

Parts of Speech Pails
Read the word on the stick and determine which part of speech pail it would belong in: noun, verb, or adjective.

Nuts 4 Contractions
Are you nuts about learning how to correctly spell your contractions? Well, this busy bag is perfect for you. This activity includes 25 various contractions and your job is to match the two pieces of the nut together to form each contraction.

Wood Intellegence
Don't let the misspelled title fool you (Ha!) this game takes quite a bit of intelligence to complete. This activity is too large to fit in a busy bag, but I can certainly include a nice Ziploc bag for you if you need it for the pieces. :)
If you are interested in ordering a busy bag from me simply email me at mailekae@yahoo.com or find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Purposefulplaybusybags/ or comment on this post with your email/contact info . Bags are $5 each plus $1 per bag for shipping. Shipping has a minimum charge of $3 and a maximum charge of $8. I accept payment through paypal with the above email address.